Lights We've Switched On

Watch how transformational ‘Lights On’ learning is…

Lights on, lights off 

Keeps us focused on what we do best. 

We find the switch. Switch on the lights. Then shine them in the right direction. We start by finding out what your child loves to do and where their strengths lie. We then tailor their learning around their passions and facilitate their projects to move them forward.

We exist to switch on as many lights as we can.


And we’re good at it. 

We measure our social impact by how many children’s lights we switch on and keep on during their time with us. You can see it in their eyes – it is very tangible. They are engaged and want to get better at the thing they love to do and they become hungry to learn.


Delivered hours of learning

Learners learning from the inside out

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Change Makers Wall!

A thank you to all who support what we do.

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