Hi! I’m Julia Black. 7 years ago my daughter’s lights started to dim. She became bored, disengaged and unhappy at school. So I set out to make sure both my children have plenty of time to learn with their Lights On. Now I want to do the same with yours.

I’ve developed a simple framework

that gets our children learning with their Lights On.

With over 25,000 hours of learning delivered to over 600 learners my Lights On framework helps young people find their passion and purpose in life and learn through their strengths. Designed around the latest thinking in real-world learning, neuroscience and the maker movement, my team and I have done the research and made the mistakes so you don’t have to. 

It all starts with a simple question – are your lights on or off? 

My transformative framework is designed around five simple steps.

It identifies personal interests and uncovers hidden talents to empower young people to become self-aware and reflective, and to transform them from passive to active learners capable of leading their own learning.

Step 1 – Locate the switch

Step 2 – Get wired for learning

Step 3 – Switch on their lights 

Step 4 – Spotlight on learning

Step 5 – Reflections

“Thank you for all your support and encouragement with Isabelle. She may not realise just yet, but this is going to benefit her hugely as she progresses through school and into life beyond…” Isabelle's Mum

“Thank you for providing such an innovative and boundary-pushing learning experience. Peter has developed in so many positive ways since he started at Explorium. It is a crucial part of his educational experience.” Peter's Mum

“Everyone has always told Ollie what is ‘wrong’ with him. Explorium has enabled Ollie to say how he feels for the first time” Ollie's Mum

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Good news -we’re spreading Lights On!

Whether you are an educationalist or a parent we’ve made it simple enough for anyone to get transformational results.

We believe that the concept of Lights On can change education forever. We want as many people as possible to access our 5 proven steps to learning with your lights on so we are writing an online course. I’m Interested!

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