Hi! I’m Julia Black. Ten years ago my daughter’s lights started to dim. She became bored, disengaged and unhappy at school. I instinctively knew something needed to change in her school week. I didn't want to home-educate her full-time so I had a problem to solve and I set out to solve it. 

With over 26,000 hours of learning delivered to over 600 learners I've now got a transformational framework, Lights On®, that empowers you to play an active role within your child's education without having to take them out of school full-time.
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The first step is to unlearn what we think we know about education. Join me for some big-picture thinking on what you REALLY need to know to start getting your child learning with their Lights On.
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Join me LIVE at my weekly webinars to learn what you need to do as a parent to truely unleash your child's brilliance.
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Thinking about bringing Lights On into your child's educational mix? Join my Lights On membership for just £1 and together, we'll get you feeling confident to help your child unleash their brilliance.
My transformative framework helps young people discover their passions and learn through their strengths. 
Designed around the latest thinking in real-world learning, neuroscience and the maker movement, my team and I have done the research and made the mistakes so you don’t have to. Using 5 simple elements, Lights On empowers young people to become self-aware, reflective and capable of leading their own learning.
Hear What Others Have To Say...
"Explorium and the Lights On programme has appeared for us in the very moment we needed. With its experience and philosophy it soaked us in. 

We were struggling with the thought that we would have to leave our son at school against his needs and that if we choose to homeschool we will deny my son all the benefits that school can give him.

Lights On has allowed us to spend more time together without feeling guilty and being a part of the Lights On community has given us sense of not being alone in our situation and reassurance that the time our son spends with us, rather than being at school, is not wasted and support in understanding the real needs of our children.

We would recommend it to anyone who would like to get some reassurance and reinforce confidence in that flexi/home schooling is not only an alternative to normal schooling, but that it is also better for early education than the school. Who else, if not you, has a better chance of recognizing your child’s talents and needs?" - Renata & Witold, Lights On LIVE Members
" I was excited to find an organisation that shares many of the concerns I have with the way our education system is structured and one that offers a solution to attempt to combat these.

I wanted to come up with a specific plan to present to the school about what we would use our home-ed day for. I needed to produce something with structure that left a certain amount of freedom for my daughter to learn in an open-ended way.

It has given me a number of activities for myself and family to do that is both helping to discover our starting point and the tools to move forward.

It is great to have a community of like-minded people with the same goal. I feel that there is a whole community of people who are excited about finding our children's passions and encouraging them to flourish. 

I would recommend Lights On to other parents. The course works through the lights on framework in a way that will be applicable when working with your child and creating your own projects. There is lots of advice available and lots of great activities to try " - Emily, Lights On LIVE Member
Last weeks session was most uplifting as I have been quite despondent about getting flexi, as our headteacher is so resistant… Your lights on approach is fantastic. The more I get to know it the better, it is so useful AND interesting. Longer term, I am extremely interested in being involved in the extension of Explorium/Lights On, local to me.-
Calah, Lights On LIVE Member

“Thank you for providing such an innovative and boundary-pushing learning experience. Peter has developed in so many positive ways since we started. It is a crucial part of his educational experience.”
I wanted to gain an understanding of the Lights On approach to learning, with the viewpoint of seeing how I could incorporate this into my tutoring.

At times, some of the tutees have not been fully engaged with the task at hand and I wanted to find a way to re-engage them and keep them passionate about the work they are doing.

As a tutor, it has given me a more flexible and creative approach to take with my tutees. Even though I have only had two students do a task each, from the Lights On programme, I have noticed that in the lesson both students were more focused.

I would recommend Lights On to other parents definitely! - Emanuela, Lights On LIVE Member

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Book in for a personal 60 minute consultation and I'll help you devise the best strategy to present to your school to increase your chances of getting a flexi-school agreement in place. 
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